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23 feb 2024 om 22:02 Salt en pepper shrimp’s besteld voor 33€ is niet te eten! Smaakloos, en was nat . Eten kwam bijna koud aan!
22 feb 2024 om 18:07 Heerlijke dimsum, vers en snel geleverd.
18 feb 2024 om 21:25 When I ask for particular things not to be in a meal (that can definitely not be added) you expect the order to come that way. Especially at these prices.
30 jan 2024 om 9:39 The congee had little chicken bones in it. Not pleasant at all
27 jan 2024 om 19:20 Heerlijk, maar beetje koud.
27 jan 2024 om 18:20 Kleinere porties dan normaal..
25 jan 2024 om 17:25 Uitstekend
14 jan 2024 om 19:55 The delivery time kept changing - it was 25 minutes when I ordered but ended up taking an hour
11 jan 2024 om 21:30 We ordered the beef noodles, absolutely terrible, the beef was not cooked properly and the dish had no flavour at all ! Very surprised as this dish cost more than €20 euro! Spinach dim sum is normally 4 pieces, but they sent 3 ! Not happy
9 jan 2024 om 21:08 Paid a lot for the chicken and it was all fried bits with no meat and also for the eggplant and salted fish which had no fish in it. Not sure why we’re paying top price for protein that has no protein in it
8 jan 2024 om 3:52 Really bad
5 jan 2024 om 21:07 Precies op tijd bezorgd. Dim sum goed!